June, 2002

The Rivals by James Naughtie

James (Today Programme) Naughtie’s The Rivals isn’t as easy a read as Andrew Rawnsley’s Servants of the People, but was well worth the read.
It consider’s Blair and Brown’s relationship since Labour came to power in 1997, and despite being a little on the heavy side, definitely gets under the skin of the problem – that Brown feels he should become PM at some point, and believes that Blair promised this to him before Labour came to power. Recommended.

First entry

My very first weblog entry. Somehow I feel that this is a fancy way to allow me to ramble at random. Must get the hang of this interface, and I’ll soon have a professional weblog up and running.
Just read a great book called The 25th Hour which I can heartily recommend. Read it in well under 24 hours.
Umm. That’s it really, until I can get everything properly set up.