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Tour de France

One of my favourite summer events is up and running again this year. I’m still annoyed at Channel 4’s jettisoning the event a couple of years ago, saying that that they could no longer cover it and cricket (this is the station that was putting out one-day cricket highlights at about one o’clock in the morning by the way). The only terrestrial coverage of the event last year was on ITV in the early hours of Tuesday morning each week, and sadly it’s the same situation again this year. Fortunately for those among us with multi-channel TV, Eurosport has always done a sterling job (even if their highlights programmes tend to be the last hour of the race snipped off). This year ITV2 is also doing live coverage and 11.00pm highlights programmes. I haven’t yet caught one of their highlights shows, but hopefully they’ll be similar to the old Channel 4 ones (it’s the same presentation team) since they did a better job of editing the day’s highlights down, showing major incidents from earlier in the day and so on. Roll on the mountain stages!