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Autumn arrives, and a flurry of books to read. So here’s what are upcoming on my “to read” list.
1. White Teeth – making sure I read it before the Channel 4 series starts next week (it’s been on my bookshelf for about a year).
2. Dead Air – Always got to read the latest Iain Banks. This one is post September 11.
3. Churchill – Bit of a monster 1000 page tome this. Finally got around to watching my tape of The Gathering Storm at the weekend (told you I was lain up), and this got my interest up.
4. Give Me Ten Seconds – John Sergeant is very amusing, so I have high hopes for this political memoir.
5. Open Secret – Not staggeringly well reviewed, but you can’t beat some real life spying.
6. One Step Behind – The latest Henning Mankell Inspector Wallander book. Or more to the point, the latest translation. There’s another book coming out in hardbook in November – Firewall. A new publisher for this latter book – maybe something to do with the reorganisation of Harvill following its sale to Random House. I note the paperback of Dogs of Riga is coming out as a Vintage imprint.
That little list should keep me going a while. I have no doubt that other books will creep into the list in ahead of their place in this order.