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Well Michael Moore’s response to the (now captured) sniper attacks in the Washington area reflects my own.
Although I fell asleep during the course of the programme, I tried to watch last night’s NBC News on CNBC Europe last night, and was that an eye opener. The programme had, I think, EIGHT correspondents scattered around and looked like it was going to spend a good 20 of its 30 minutes duration (excluding ads) talking about the sniper capture. All fairly understandable, although only because we all “love” serial killer stories. But was there one feature on the fact that America has so many guns out there maybe being a contributory factor in this (or other) killings.
I don’t think that anyone asks that kind of question. Is it seen as unamerican?
I suppose I come from a different culture. A culture which, if there had been a sniper on the loose, would immediately ask why members of the public needed sniper rifles.