Stronger Than The Sun

Shown as part of BBC4’s Poliakoff season, this was a drama that I hadn’t previously seen. It was originally a Play For Today in October 1977, starring Francesca Annis as Kate, a disaffected scientist working in a northern nuclear facility producing plutonium. She meets Tom Bell’s Alan who is the person who first starts to question whether there has been a massive cover up of a nuclear accident. He soon falls by the wayside, and Kate begins to get paranoid that the authorities are on to her.
There’s definitely a line to be drawn from this to the later Edge of Darkness, but then the nuclear industry is always ripe for cover up stories. It was directed by Michael Apted who went onto stuff like The World is Not Enough and Enigma. OK, so he hasn’t got the greatest recent track record.
More power to BBC4 if they can continue to show things like this. A shame that they’re not being shown more than once (as is normal for most BBC4 fare). Although with Telewest happily shutting off their signal at 2.15am regardless of whether programmes have finished, repeats are probably a moot point.