Month: April 2003


Jael and Andrew

The majority of the 150+ photos I took are now available online at


More DNA

Lots of DNA news happening at the moment. As I said, I’ve just started the Rosalind Franklin biography, someone I’ve been...



I don’t think that before reading Michael Frayn’s previous novel, Headlong, I’d read any of his work. I’ve...


After The Quake

Another Murakami book, and very entertaining like the others I’ve read. (I have a couple more awaiting my delectation, and it’s...


Bagdhad “Falls”

So Baghdad has “fallen”. We got the no doubt iconic image of Saddam’s statue being torn down (in fact it made fascinating...


Henning Mankell

He has a new book out… Update #1 Well I popped into Enfield earlier, bad back notwithstanding, and Ottakers were the only shop to...


A Season With Verona

I’ve been wanting to read this since it came out last year, so the release of it in paperback meant I could get around to it. Now...