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Bias At The Beeb

Wow. I guess I’m just living in cloud-cuckoo land. Why do I listen and watch the BBC’s news when it’s so biased?
Today the Daily Telegraph, bastion of all things “fair and balanced” is launching Beebwatch, with an article penned by editor Charles Moore. Naturally he has at hand half a dozen instances of bias – such as 60% of the audience at the Any Questions he went on being anti-war at the start of the last Gulf War.
Meanwhile, noted conservative US commentator, Andrew Sullivan notes that an NPR ombudsman has a few things to say about the Hutton Inquiry, and then calls for the privatisation of the BBC. Thanks Andrew. You may be happy with your media, but I’m not, so let us keep ours as it is thanks. And can we wait until the end of the Hutton Inquiry before we start dishing out punishments?
Meanwhile I discover a delightful blog called Biased BBC which records all the supposed incidences of BBC bias. I note that they’re nearly all left-wing bias. And those guys can find bias in just about anything!
Still – I’m sure there are some pro-BBC sites somewhere. I just can’t find them at the moment.