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Nepotism Alive And Well

Last night BSkyB named their new CEO – James Murdoch. Wow. What a coincidence. You mean the same James Murdoch who’s son of the Chairman Rupert Murdoch? That’d be the one.
Howls of outrage – and rightly so – since BSkyB is only 35% owned by Murdoch. The rest of the shareholding is held by others. The group is a PLC and as such not actually within the fiefdom of a single man.
Why would any of the other senior execs at BSkyB stay on in the long term? They have no future. I’d be readying my CV for the next juicy position to come up if I were them. It’s just not a smart move all around.
And there’s the small matter of him only being 30. Not that I’m jealous or anything – OK I am. But can he really have the experience? Time will tell.