BBC Charter Review

The DCMS have an initiative aimed at gaining responses to how the BBC’s Charter Review should procede. There’s a website as part of this, and they say that they’ll publish all the responses they get online.
I shall certainly be participating and answering their eight questions.
There’s an accompanying document available too (PDF).


  1. Just used your link to the BBC Charter Review. I too will try to answer the eight questions. I feel worried that the whole ‘consultation’ exercise is a way of getting us to endorse the government’s views on the BBC (which to me sound much like the views of commercial broadcasters – Rupert Murdoch comes to mind – am I being too cynical?). I would like to read other people’s views – especially the views of those who have made a study of public service broadcasting (any ideas?). I don’t feel I know enough about a lot of relevant things, e.g. the dual roles of governors, to respond in an informed way. I don’t trust this government, or any other government for that matter, to preserve the integrity of the BBC. I fear apathy and ignorance on the part of the British public could destroy one of the very few things good about this country.
    Apart from the depressing thoughts above … thanks for an enjoyable site and happy holidays.

  2. As co-ordinator of a coalition of the UK’s leading international charities working for better TV programming on international issues, I would urge your site’s suers to respond to the government’s consultation on the BBC. Don’t be either too cynical or too trusting — but do make your voices heard. The number of public responses to this consultation will help set the parameters of what is politically possible for the government during Charter review. If not many people support the continuation of a strong BBC, then the commercial sharks will get their way. If, on the other hand, there is solid public support, the dcms will be able to resist the BBC’s enemies by pointing to the large public constituency in favour of the BBC. That is not to say that there aren’t things that need improvement. Check our site for a view from the international charities; and check for the views of a wide voluntary sector coalition we are helping to lead. Both sites can give you tips and links to make responding easy.

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