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The Sunday Format

I missed the entire first series of The Sunday Format, but thanks to Listen Again, I’m hearing the first episode of series 2 now.
How about this excerpt discussing features of their new CD supplement:
Computer cookies that track your internet use and help us learn more about you.
Best of all, The Moment on CD doesn’t just save the trees, it saves you time.
After all, who wants to wait for the latest movie clips to download from a website? With The Moment CD, the wait is over. Simply turn on your computer; insert The Moment disc; find the film section; enjoy a message from our sponsor; click the link to current cinema; find the sublink to movie clips; click on the clip you want to see; wait while the CD checks to see that you have compatible software; enjoy a message from our sponsor; wait for the video to load; click the play button; and watch the video. It’s that easy!
(Only available with the print edition of The Sunday Format)

And on the same theme, how about the Daily Mail-o-matic?