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New York Times & Daily Telegraph

Today’s Telegraph is the first edition to appear with a New Yorks Times supplement. Under an agreement announced a couple of days ago the Telegraph is publishing a weekly broadsheet supplement from the NY Times. It’s a strange pair of bedfellows, since the Telegraph is just a tad on the right-wing side, and I think “liberal” wouldn’t be an unfair word to use about the Telegraph.
I was surprised not to read an introductory piece explaining the background in today’s paper, although it did get an above the masthead plug on the cover. Interestingly, first editions of the Telegraph didn’t include it (we get a very early edition at work).
The fonts and style is New York Times-esque, but the content is obviously not today’s news, but a digest of recent things, with a few sections. I couldn’t see any opinion pieces which is a shame.
Quite where The Guardian’s deal comes in with this I don’t know. They’ve long taken copy from the New York Times. I expect that more than one paper can have a deal though, in the same way that Reuters reports get carried all over the place.
Could be worth picking up the Telegraph on Thursdays from now on.