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The Same Letter Over and Over

I’d think that if I was someone reasonably senior in an organisation, and were going to send a letter for publication in a trade magazine, that I might check to see if they were willing to publish it.
So if, for example, I worked for Identica, and wanted to comment on the Dasani tap water fiasco, I probably wouldn’t send the same letter to both Marketing and Marketing Week. Because should they both publish the letter (as they did last Thursday) and the wording was identical, then I might look a fool.
But I’d feel even more stupid if I sent that same letter to FT Creative Business and they too published it the following Tuesday… as they did today.
Now I don’t know what went wrong here, but Mr Peters, the chairman of Identica, has certainly made his views known. And I’d have thought that the letters editor of Creative Business might have checked last Thursday’s trade press before choosing this particular letter to publish. Surely that page doesn’t go to bed too early does it?