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Everything I Hate About The Mail In One Simple Free Gift

Yesterday’s Mail on Sunday had a free gift that really sums up everything I hate about that company. They were giving away free stickers for your car number plate. Many new cars now come with “Euro” numberplates – little European flags on the left hand side of the plates. Having these plates means, I think, that you don’t need to put the sticker on the boot of your car. As a Mail reader, you no doubt despise Europe and everything it stands for, so covering up the Euro logo with either a Union Flag or Cross of St George is a must.
The strange thing is that papers like the Mail are actively damaging the chances of the Tories doing well in the next general election. It’s not the Labour or Lib Dem constituency that these people are coming from, but the Conservatives. I’ll leave aside for a minute the stupidity of wanting to come out of Europe, or indeed the thinking behind voting in as MEPs people who don’t actually believe in the parliament that they’ve been elected to. UKIP are simply racist in my book, and stupid promotions like this encourages it.
I’ve no problem with all the St Georges flags currently flying from houses and cars across the country for England, because I think that our national flag is slowly being reclaimed from the likes of the BNP, but there’s something very wrong with the thinking of papers like the Mail.