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Fox News Nonsense

Thanks to Rob for pointing out in my comments that John Gibson, Fox News’ commentator, is at it again, speaking out over his disdain for Ofcom’s ruling. And should you really not be able to complain if you think the company you work for is being unfairly maligned by others? Gibson seems to think so.
And still he can’t leave the subject alone! On Friday he was back with yet more.
Quote: I was absolutely correct in every word I said.
Ofcom: a) Ofcom does not accept that Fox News�s claim that an appointment of a monitor to detect �pro-Arab� bias is proof of an �anti-Americanism that was obsessive, irrational and dishonest� within the BBC.
b) We do not accept that the Hutton Inquiry supported the statement that the �BBC felt entitled to lie and when caught lying, felt entitled to defend its lying�.
c) Fox News failed to provide any evidence, except that it felt that Gilligan�s reporting of the US advance into Baghdad was incorrect, that supported this statement.
d) There is no evidence, and Fox News did not provide any, that the BBC �insisted its reporter had a right to lie�.

So who’s the liar now Mr Gibson?
Certainly the BBC have taken a kicking over The Hutton Inquiry, but that was one incident. It is not the one-sided biased news organisation that you suggest.
Fox News on the other hand is certainly that. Feel free to provide me with anything to refute that? (Incidentally “Foxnews” and “biased” in Google return 37,200 pages. Irrefutable evidence, if Fox News’ testimony is to be believed, that this is in fact the case).
To be honest, I couldn’t care less about some partisan US cable television service on the other side of the pond. But some sad and deluded souls believe what they see on television. It’s for that reason that I’m glad we have the broadcasting rules that we do in this country.