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Sky Offers Free Package

Well this was only a matter of time, and I guess it was mainly a question as to how many subscriptions Sky see themselves losing, and how much they wanted to subsidise the box for. At £150 they’ve pitched it pretty well, although I’m unsure whether that includes the installation. (UPDATE – this price includes installation).
While this might seem to be a damaging move from Freeview’s point of view, I don’t believe it will be all that long before nearly all TV sets have DTT decoders built in already. The people who must be the most worried would surely be Top Up TV.
UPDATE – Having now had a look at the line-up (according to Mediaguardian), there seem to be a few channels missing. Where are UK History, UK Bright Ideas and the two music channels TMF and The Hits? It seems strange that they’ve been left out. And it seems a little unfortunate that the package is only available direct from Sky (according to this report). I guess that there is commission payable to Currys and Dixons when they sell a package, and the fine margins here are too small to warrant it. However, Freeview boxes are available from a pile in my local WH Smiths.