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Ups and Downs of ITV

I was pleased to see that the Tour de France was good (free reg reqd) for ITV2 this year – even if a certain amount of me says that “they would say that” for the sake of the programme’s sponsor. Whether ITV keep the coverage beyond what they’ve now got is anyone’s guess. But bravo for putting out a good hour’s coverage at peaktime five nights a week, with live coverage at the weekends. And VTV did an excellent production job.
But the main part of ITV is back in its usual habits of cancelling drama series that don’t perform after a couple of episodes. Latest, is Making Waves (which also has a sponsor – so maybe I was being harsh), which will no doubt be filling a late evening slot sometime soon. I wish they’d decide up front – and I wouldn’t have had to commit the Long Firm on BBC2 to tape. Well, Making Waves did star Emily Hamilton, so I was unlikely to be far from it!