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Fergie and the Beeb

Mediaguardian are reporting that Fergie has extended his boycott of the BBC for life. Frankly, he deserves a dressing down from the FA for this petulant and childish behaviour.
The BBC pays £105m for their three year deal, and at the very least they should be entitled to have an interview with a nominated player and the manager from each team at every match. I don’t care if Duncan Ferguson or Alex Ferguson don’t want to talk to journalists – if they’re getting the cash they have to give something back.
Millions only ever see highlights of the football and if Alex Ferguson wants to behave like a spoilt two year old, then Man Utd ought to forfeit their cash from the BBC.
Frankly, it should be in every player and manager’s contract that they have to adhere to minimum media interviews. Tennis players, for example, are fined if they refuse to face the press.
American sport has many many things wrong with it, but you know full-well that their sports authorities would not stand for this kind of behaviour for one instant.
From now on, every week on Match of the Day, the BBC ought to say that Alex Ferguson is behaving childishly in refusing to give interviews. There really is no excuse. He’s upset that the BBC revealed that his son personally benefited from deals involving Man Utd players, in a documentary earlier this year. Well that’s investigative journalism, and we all know that agents are the biggest problem the game is facing in the UK. If he can’t defend his son’s actions, that’s tough, but behaving like a spoilt child is too much. The FA needs to take action now.