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Creep is a good “old-fashioned” horror film. It’s a British/German co-production and has a relatively low budget, although it sports a strong cast lead by Franka Potente (of Run Lola Run and the Bourne films) as a woman who heads off into the night to party but falls asleep in the tube at Charing Cross Station. Finding herself locked in, she ends up getting on a train, and then the fun begins.
Someone or something is stalking her, and after it attacks her own would-be attacker, she enters a subterranean world. The tunnels that she spends her time running through are all set in the “real world” – there doesn’t appear to be anything supernatural going on, but I’m bound not to give away the ending (anyway I hate reviews that do).
There are jumps in the requisite places, and although the last third of the film deteriorates into a run of the mill “escape from the monster” routine, there’s fun to be had.
Potente has done horror before (in Anatomie and its sequel), and she makes for a tough woman to be chased around underground London. But although I shan’t say what may or may not be stalking her, when all is revealed, the filmakers’ influence isn’t hard to fathom. Light and fluffy stuff to while away an hour and a half if like that sort of thing.