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Wynton Marsalis in the Snow


A very long day has just about ended. Starting with a five o'clock taxi for RAJAR (down basically - thanks for asking).

Later on, the weather took a turn for the worse, and by the time it came to the highlight of my day, a Barbican concert given by the aforementioned and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, the snow was really coming down.

It's a strange relationship that Britain has with snow. We live in a climate where it's not unusual, yet the slightest downfall and everything grinds to a halt. It was crowded getting on the tube, and by the time I got to Kings Cross, they decided to close the station altogether. The Barbican is two stops from Kings Cross, so I thought about a bus, but it was snowing, and buses were packed with long queues.

Half an hour later, freezing cold, I arrived at the Barbican Concert Hall.

The concert was wonderful, featuring the music of Benny Goodman. I enjoyed every toe-tapping minute of it. My cheap ticket (the lowest price available) also seemed to secure me a front row wing seat which wasn't at all bad.

I'll spare the details of the trip home, which needless to say, was equally as fraught. At least it's not quite midnight yet...

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