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V Festival 2003


Or just "V Festival" as it should be known.

The weather held out, and the Virgin Radio hospitality tent looked better than ever. We didn't have the problems we'd had before with food, which was handled expertly and efficiently. Coldplay and the Chili Peppers headlined, and I did make out of the Virgin area on more than one occassion over the weekend.

But I really think that some kind of investigation should be held into water sales. They always stop you bringing water into the site, and then charge one pound fifty for 500ml of water, again in bottles. They may let you in with small bottles but despite the hot weather, you can't bring large ones in (unless you're camping).

And what a rip-off beer is and three quid a pint. I'm glad that I don't have to buy it at those prices.

Oh, and can someone tell me what a "mandatory donation" is? I should have made one with my ticket, but there was me thinking that it was up to me whether I donated or not.

All those things aside, it was all well organised, and went really well, so I shouldn't complain too much.

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