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The Nutcracker


Today I went to see my first ever ballet. The Nutcracker by Matthew Bourne is something of a different ballet, I'm told, with a non-conformist setting and method of producing the show.

The charming people at ING Direct provided the tickets via one of their free offers, and who was I to refuse them.

I didn't quite realise how much of the music I already knew, albeit through my knowledge of Fantasia.

It's a tremendously entertaining and exhiliarating show, from which you come out having had a wonderful time. I loved every minute of it, and should go to the ballet more often.

The Avalanches

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I've just been listening to a show on BBC London that I've never heard before presented by Sean Rowley (I think). He played a remix of a Belle & Sebastian song that's soon to be released as a single. It's an amazing remix with some very African influences. I can't quite remember the details of exactly who or what's on the track but it's wonderful and so uplifting.

The single is called I'm A Cuckoo and is due for release on Feb 16.



Apropros of nothing, there's a thoroughly disturbing video airing on the EMAP music channels just now. It's a German band called the Boogie Pimps and their crass Euro remake of "Somebody to Love". However, it's the video that you really have to wonder about. It features seven very small babies skydiving from a plane in formation (aka the red devils), landing on a lip-syncing model who's wearing lingerie, while the camera lusts over her breasts. Then she gets a baby bottle out and starts drinking milk from the teat, before the miniture babies all land on her breast. I really don't think that this description does the video justice. Just what the hell is going on?

There are always one or two of these very strange videos for songs that as far as I know get no air-play from any major radio stations in the country whatsoever (prove me wrong when they get to number one). Still, we're in the dog days of January when just about anyone can get to number one.

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