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Copy Control - Part 2


As a follow up to my previous entry, I couldn't help but notice that the Norah Jones CDs available in Fopp are different to the one I bought. They don't mention Copy Control anywhere on the cover.

I did read somewhere on the web when I was fuming before, that EMI only use Copy Control in certain territories, and at the moment, they don't use it in Britain. Quite how I ended up buying a European version I'm not sure, although the price I paid was a tenner, it's widely available at around that price or less elsewhere.

And in any case, why should anyone have to put up with that copy control nonsense wherever they live? Indeed it makes a mockery of the whole thing that the CD is available unadulterated in some places and in a pseudo capacity elsewhere. So I get a UK version, rip it, and share it. Just as well this internet thingy is not some kind of international network. Since then people from abroad might be able to share my files.

The bottom line is buyer beware. Look carefully at the pacakaging, and look for the Compact Disc logo. Quite how one does that with CDs bought from Amazon, I'm not too sure.

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