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V Festival 2004


It seems to have taken me the better part of a week to get over it, but it does take a lot out of me! Spent much of the weekend in the suprisingly dry, and indeed sunny, Hylands Park near Chelmsford, video and photographing my colleagues.

Live performances in the tent saw highlight performances by Keane and the guy from Snow Patrol. While the Scissor Sisters gave a pretty amazing performance on the NME stage.

Typically, despite taking some hundred or more photos and 6 hours plus of video, I have none with me right at the moment. But maybe I'll upload a video when I've put it all together...

V Festival Tickets


I just need to let of some steam....


Thanks. Sorry about that. For reasons that I can't really go into, but mainly down to the fact that I volunteered to write a database, I seem to have been lumbered with overall responsibility for our company's guest tickets to the V Festival in Chelmsford this year. Yes - it's coming up this weekend, and despite a modest lineup, it's proving more popular than ever.

But can I just say that my heart goes out to anyone who ever gets put in charge of ticketing a major event. It's quite impossible to keep your sanity and do it. Juggling tickets is a full time job, and suddenly I begin to realise why Ticketmaster and their ilk charge you 2.50 to buy tickets through them. I'd hate to organise tickets on a professional basis.

The one good thing to come of it is that we have a barcode reader. Normally at these sorts of things it's a paper list and if "your name's not on the list, you're not coming in". But this year I got the company to invest in a barcode reader. I downloaded a barcode font, and printed a code number on every ticket. Then, when the scanner reads the number (which it does as a USB keyboard incidentally) it enters it into an Access database we've built and finds the invitee. How cool is that?

Slight problems include the fact that it doesn't like direct sunlight to work, and that we haven't finished the database. But I don't need to worry about that until the weekend.

But there are also wild rumours floating around that there's going to be a severe weather warning in the south east on Sunday. Frankly, I don't believe any weather forecasts this far away from Saturday and Sunday, but it's true that Hurrican Charley ripped apart Florida, and of course Cornwall and, tonight, Scotland have seen serious rain affected issues.

But I'll worry about that at the weekend...

Wynton Marsalis at the Proms


Another night, another Prom. I always enjoy the visits of Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra (last seen 18 months ago at the Barbican), so I'd been looking forward to this Prom for a while. I showed up quite early, but not early enough it seemed. Instead of joining the Arena queue, I was directed to the Gallery queue.

Even as I type this, I'm not sure I understand why since the first queue didn't look that long. Unless it's the fact that you're allowed to stay on if you attend the first Prom. Anyway, at least I was afforded plenty of reading time, and ample opportunity to people-watch my fellow queuers (broadly speaking - young, fairly well-off, and eager).

The performance was great - the Orchestra is lined up in three rows, with Marsalis himself in the middle of the back row with a couple of other trumpeters. Different pieces see different musicians getting a spotlight performance, and indeed different band members get to lead some of the pieces. Needless to say, I've got the performance digitally recorded on my PC to relive at a later date (it was also on BBC4 so I taped that too).

The only trouble with late night Proms is that they finish at midnight, which means a hasty trip down Exhibition Road to make sure that you don't miss the last northbound tube train from South Kensington. I love late night London transport!

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