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Brian Wilson


I was very lucky last night to get a chance to go and see Brian Wilson play a concert in the rather lovely surroundings of Hampton Court.

What a fantastic night. The weather was obviously excellent, and it was a shame that we didn't bring a picnic like just about everyone else.

The concert itself began at 9pm and was basically back to back Beach Boys hits. I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had singing along to just about every song for two hours.

The audience was, erm, slightly different to your usual crowd, and the Waitrose sponsorship of the event meant that it was all very different to what you're used to. It reminded me of picnics in the park in Bath at the end of the Bath Festival. And the clientele there meant that the train journey was especially empty on the way back.

All in all a wonderful concert and I'll being humming Beach Boys hits for some time to come.

Live 8


No ticket for me, but then it'll be better on the TV anyway.

Andy Kershaw, writing in today's Independent, is very angry. When Bob Geldof first announced the line-up for the Live 8 concerts, African artists were notable by their absence. And this whole thing is about Africa after all.

But a week or so down the road it turns out that we do get some African performances. At the Eden Project in Cornwall. Kershaw sees this as almost a form of apartheid, where the popular Western artists get to play Hyde Park while African's are shunted down to the West Country.

And I agree. It's ludicrous to think that people who've shown up to see Coldplay and U2, will get fed up or turn off if Youssou N'Dour or Salif Keita play. They're international superstars after all.

Ben & Kirsty


Kids Music


My nephew is now two, and a while back my brother surprised me by playing a CD from They Might Be Giants that he'd heard on Jonathan Ross's radio show which is for pre-school kids. Now St Etienne and Belle & Sebastian are getting in on the scene.



The underground is festooned with posters for the Royal Opera House's Rigoletto. But the photo of Paolo Gavanelli in the poster, makes him look like an evil John Peel. You can see the picture currently on the ROH home page here.

Copyright Lunacy


It seems that The Beatles haven't made enough cash and that the British government want to give them the rest of my adult life to keep earning. That way, EMI will invest more money in new bands.

Alternatively, their shareholders will get richer, and the record companies will get let off the massive screw-ups they've made of late when it comes to the digital age.

Oh, and lots more music will be lost forever.

Cheap/Free Downloads


Not that I'm in any way recommending it, but if you enter the Coca-Cola win a music download (or ringtone) on promotional cans, you currently pretty certain to win. I'm edging towards a full free album's worth of tracks.

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