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Live 8 Again


So what's the final verdict on the weekend? A great concert, certainly. Some great performances (and some pretty terrible ones).

Hundreds of thousands of people giving their support to a great cause that has truly got the country behind it.

But, but, but. Still the doubts linger. Full credit to Pink Floyd (and The Who and Keane) for donating revenue to charity, from their increased album sales that result from their performances. But of course they can easily afford it - probably true of every artist playing on Saturday. Thanks to HMV for those stats about how well the Floyd did, and had badly Pete Docherty did.

And it's worth reading Private Eye's "Eye TV" column from today's issue (not online) for a view that's not a million miles from my own. And much as I think Jonathan Ross is a great presenter, I don't think anyone could argue that it was a poor show from that point of view at the weekend.

Finally, this is worth a read, for ammunition next time someone tells you that x billion are watching your telecast.

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