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Why I Hate Music Download Sites #31


Some of these places just drive me mad. Earlier this year I got loads of free credit from Mycokemusic, the music download site. As a rule, I hate downloads. You're effectively leasing rather than owning the music and with DRM it's just a total pain.

However I accrued a bit of virtual money and got a couple of downloads - why not? Today I pick up last weekend's Observer Music Magazine and fancy listening to Rapture Riders, the mix of Blondie's Rapture and The Doors' Riders on the Storm. A good way to use my credit surely?


The site does list the single, and the four tracks on it. I can even listen to a thirty second clip of each track on the CD single. But I can neither stream nor download the full track! So why's it even there? A complete waste of time.

No doubt it's very downloadable from iTunes, but I've not got an iPod so would lose fidelity by burning it onto CD and then re-ripping it, and in any case I've got credit with another site. This isn't even an obscure title (Mycokemusic's pretty terrible about anything that's not in the top 40 - basically you can forget it. Consequently, I haven't exactly been burning through my credit.).

And the music industry wants to know whay it's doing wrong? It can't even get a major player like Coke's site fully working. I don't know who's problem this really is, but I don't care. All I know is that I can't download the music I want. I know of another way to get it, but the artists and performers don't get paid if I go down that route.


Alanis Morrisette


Madonna wasn't the only artist playing a "secret" gig last night. Alanis Morrisette was playing the intimate confines of the Kings College London Student Union in a one-off gig to promote the recently released "Best Of" (or rather "Collection").

All good fun with all your favourites, although the annoying idiot near me who kept shouting out "Ironic" every time she didn't play it, really did begin to annoy me after a while.

But I didn't let that get me down for what was an ebullient concert. I got the idea that the audience was 50:50 die-hard fans and liggers like myself. That probably doesn't make the greatest concert audience ever, but it was still a good crowd all told. I'm probably just getting more ratty in my old age.

As an aside, it's somewhat disconcerting when you see mobile phone pictures coming out better than your own digital camera photos. I can console myself that was looks good on a phone screen is usually at the extreme end of a digital zoom. I'd never lower myself to use such pointless technology.

Must dust off some of my Alanis collection, although having had a proper listen to Gillian Welch last night I think my tastes in music are 'a changin'. I must admit that I got mildly interested when I read in the paper that it's the Country Music Awards tonight live on Radio 2 (oh there's some terrible music in that genre undoubtedly, but there's also some good stuff.

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