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MyCokeMusic is Closed


Two years after MyCokeMusic launched, and it closes down.

I can't say I'm really surprised since the OD2 service they had working for them was relatively poor if you wanted music from outside the mainstream. But it just goes to show that even the might of Coca Cola doesn't guarantee online music sales success. And let's face it, all the competitors to iTunes combined are essentially competing for the 17% of the marketplace that has an mp3 that isn't an iPod.



Seen on the tube this evening: a kid in his generic Orson/Feeder type t-shirt with a Download Festival wristband. That is to say, he hasn't removed his plastic wristband from a concert that was over a week ago. Oh dear...

Incidentally, I discover that it only takes 10,000 single sales to make the Top 10 at the moment. So a back of bus ticket calculation suggests that you could buy your way into the top 10 by spending £20k. I'm not suggesting that anyone does this sort of thing since the BPI don't like it and it's all electronic these days so you'd need to ensure that singles were sold relatively evenly around the country, but it's interesting nonetheless. And it seems that around 27% of your sales might be digital. Very interesting.

Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler


I recently bought a copy of the new album recorded by Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler, really out of shear curiorisity. Of course I'm familiar with Knopfler, Brothers in Arms having been one of the first albums I ever bought (and curiously one of the few albums I've ever owned in three formats - vinyl, cassette and CD).

But Emmylou Harris I knew less about. In fact I think I learnt significantly more than I ever knew about her following a BBC Four documentary a couple of months ago.

I loved the album, and when tickets came up for this, I was quite excited. I haven't been to Wembley for ages - so it was quite fascinating to see how Wembley Arena has been significantly refurbished. It's still a shed, but around the edges, at least, it's much improved. Out the front, as touts struggled to offload tickets to a concert which wasn't a complete sellout, there's one of those computer controlled fountain displays with dancing lights. And towering above everything is the new stadium, way behind schedule, and its fantastic arch. It actually looks quite close to finished up close - as good as Ashburton Grove looks, but there is obviously a way to go.

Inside the crowd was very well behaved - well apart from the fools behind me who made me wonder why they'd bothered getting their tickets and coming at all. Knopfler and Harris launched into some of the stronger songs from their album before each performing a few songs particular to them. As I say, I'm not really familiar with Emmylou's back catalogue, but I think we all recognised Romeo and Juliet.

It's a great band they've got, full of superb musicians, and I loved every minute of it. There were a couple of encores and the night ended with a wonderful duet of them singing the Dire Straits song, Why Worry (You can find a version on Youtube.)

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