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In The Air Tonight


You can't move for Phil Collins at the moment. Geneis has just embarked on a new tour of North America for the first time in something like fifteen years. There's a new book out about the band. But mostly, there's that Cadbury's ad:

Over in the States, there's a new ABC sitcom called Carpoolers which is being trailed with this clever take on the same song:

The best use of the song is still surely the wonderful footage of Crockett driving around in his Ferrari in the pilot of Miami Vice:

Incidentally, Popbitch informs me that In The Air Tonight is likely to make the top forty this weekend. That's iTunes for you.

The Colour Purple


Small Purplish Chap

Guess where I was last night? I had my camera confiscated at one point, and was very pleased that I slipped the memory card out of it and into the palm of the person next to me, as I was directed to some lockers to hand it in. It was an unnecessary subterfuge since they didn't try to delete any pictures or take the memory card. They just wanted me to stop taking pictures and were pretty nice about it really. I just claimed to be completely unaware of the rules - I hadn't even seen the ticket until that evening (true).

Today I read that the small purple person (Google indexes this site pretty well so I shan't make it easy for them) has contracted lawyers to remove lots of illegal fare. I assume that many of those YouTube videos will be the thousands of camera phone videos that everyone else in the audience was taking without incurring the wrath of security.

Compilation Albums


Wandering through Virgin Megastore yesterday, I came across two unlikely compilation albums - unlikely for very different reasons.

First there was Cained.


It's a compilation of Michael Caine's favourite chillout tracks. Yes - that Michael Caine.

According to Caine's "blog" he truly did pick these tunes, with the idea coming when he had dinner at Elton John's house and he showed himself to be very knowledgable about chillout music. Who knew?

And then, for a very different reason there's The Saturday Sessions. This features tracks recorded live by artists who've appeared on Dermot O'Leary's show. Now this album has a relatively eclectic collection of songs by some excellent artists, and I've no doubt that Dermot is a lovely guy who'd be great company down the pub. But seriously - look at the album cover:

The Saturday Sessions

Stop giggling at the back.

Come on. Leaning against a wall? With a guitar! He's not playing himself on these tracks is he? I guess that at least if you downloaded this album via iTunes, you could elect to dump the album artwork.

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