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Chris Martin


30 January 2009
(Needs to be seen large)

Lots of live streaming (now over obviously) of Chris Martin from Coldplay at work.

Strictly speaking, I shouldn't have been taking photos, but I was standing behind non-performing band members, and couldn't really resist. Most of the other photos have him gurning or are otherwise unlikely to be cleared by his PR, but they're on Flickr nonetheless.

Anyway, listen out for an interview with Christian on air from Monday, when you'll also be able to watch the whole 30 minute set. It'll also be available to view online.

Copyright Extension


A great film explaining why extending sound copyright is not in performers' interests but just record companies'. And, of course, our worst interests.

More at

Celebrities Inappropriate Advertising

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Last Friday was the last in Clive James' current run of A Point of View (Harold Evans takes over this Friday). You have about 24 hours to download the podcast, otherwise you'll just have to read his words.

James got on to the habit of Hollywood actors promoting products that once they'd never have been seen promoting - having probably signed agreements to ensure that the ads were only played in Japan.

Matthew McConaughey is doing commercials for a certain fragrance. I'm sure the extra money he is making is going to a good cause, but there are two questions that I ask automatically whenever I see those commercials. The first question is: Who wants to smell like Matthew McConaughey? And the second question is, doesn't he looks silly?


If I could be assured that the certain fragrance doesn't make Nicole Kidman smell different, but instead smells exactly like Nicole Kidman, I would buy a bottle and drink it. But otherwise I'm convinced of nothing except that she looks exactly as if she's hustling for a buck she doesn't need. Even if she does, is this the way to get it? Doesn't she look silly?

Recently two other adverts have started being screened on UK television that makes you question the sanity of those involved, and wonder exactly how big the cheque must have been.

First there's the Aviva ads rebranding Norwich Union to a meaningless international name. Norwich Union was founded in 1797. If the smart marketing folk think that employing Bruce Willis, Alice Cooper, Elle Macpherson and Ringo Starr to try to persuade us that if they hadn't changed their names, they wouldn't have been successful is laughable - especially in Starr's case. [And yes, I'm well aware that I'm employed by a company that's just changed its name - but I don't believe this is the same thing at all].

That, however, is nothing to the truly appalling Swiftcover advert featuring Iggy Pop. You can see it here - I refuse to embed it.

Do you really need the money that much Iggy?

Is anyone fooled into thinking that Iggy cares about British car insurance?

I don't find some of the fragrance advertisements quite as upsetting as Clive James - they're always ridiculous because it's impossible to advertise a smell that costs thirty quid or more a bottle. But car insurance? Online car insurance? Is this what punk rock was all about? It's much worse than John Lydon's butter ad.

I believe that Iggy is due to be touring again soon. There's good money in that, and I've never seen an Iggy show* where he hasn't put his heart and soul into it. He performs for the money. All the more reason why he shouldn't be making ads like this.

*OK - I've only seen Iggy live once - at last year's Isle of Wight Festival. But I've seen him on TV at things like Glastonbury, and he always puts on a show and works incredibly hard.

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