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I've seen some great concerts recently which were all very different, but all worth mentioning here.

15 May 2009

15 May saw Icelandic "Music Through Unconventional Means" which featured the Southbank's artist in residence, Shlomo, who's a beatboxer, performing with one of my favourite groups, Amiina, and another Icelandic performer, Valgeir Sigurdsson.

The first half of the concert allowed each of the groups to perform a couple of songs of their own, on their own. As I say, it was Amiina who I was really looking forward to seeing, and they had a fabulous array of instruments. As for Shlomo? Well I'd not seen beatboxing before and he gave us a gentle, and fascinating introduction to it. It's amazing what you can do with the human voice.

The second half was where it got really creative, with various combinations of artists working together, on one anothers' songs, and also on a couple of completely new pieces. I really enjoyed it.

17 May 2009

The following Sunday was another unique experience with the (BBC) Radiophonic Workshop performing live in concert. OK - that's a bit of a strange thing to say about a group that was built large of individuals and based almost completely in various studios.

But this was the coming together of several members who worked there over the years, backed by a team of talented musicians. An excellent evening of electronic music.

There aren't many times where you hear excerpts of music you remember as the original John Craven's Newsround theme, alongside those of Words and Pictures, and of course Doctor Who. We had many other less familiar pieces of music too - unfamiliar unless you've got hold of the excellent recent releases and re-releases of Radiophonic music.

Over the course of the evening we saw short videos with music of some of the other forces of the Workshop including John Baker (check out the recent Trunk Records releases) and, of course, Delia Derbyshire.

As well as the videos, there were some excellent graphics and lighting to enliven what would otherwise have been middle-aged men playing synthesisers.

Earlier, I was fortunate to get into a fun Q&A with the performers who were able to give us a bit more background and understanding.

And I must admit that I really enjoyed the support - Andrea Parker remixing music from Daphne Oram; enough that I went out and got a recent CD of hers afterwards.

20 May 2009

The following Wednesday it was off to revisit Ane Brun who was back in town and back in the Union Chapel where I saw her a couple of months ago. She was back, and this time had better support (although the chapel wasn't as full as it had been previously).

She played some of the same songs, but also a few different ones. And she was again joined by her "Diamonds" - who are all singers in their own rights. In particular we heard Rebekka and Jennie Abrahamson do a few support songs each.

But she's a terrific performer, and worth watching next time she's in town.

The Peatbog Faeries


Peatbog Faeries - Dingwalls 30 April 09 (2 of 17)

The Peatbog Faeries are a band that I really came across when I was up in Skye last year. I'd seen posters for all over the place for a concert I wouldn't be able to make, and was vaguely aware that I'd seen coverage of them in things like the Celtic Connections TV programmes that occassionally grace our screens down south.

A chat with the proprietor of a record shop in Portree led me to buy a couple of CDs and they were great (Incidentally - isn't it great that in some places there are still record shops where you can talk to people and have music recommended to you?).

Peatbog Faeries - Dingwalls 30 April 09 (6 of 17)

Last night in Dingwalls was my first experience of them live and it was great fun. Although the venue wasn't perhaps as full as it might have been, but everyone there seemed to be up for a good time. There were ten of them on stage, and the music was great fun. It's been a while since I've danced reels and swings with total strangers. I'd guess that their Hogmanay show in Inverness will be quite something.

Anyhow, they're on tour right now, and they've got a new live album. I'll definitely be seeing them again next time they're down here.

And the support band, 6 Day Riot, was pretty good too!

Peatbog Faeries - Dingwalls 30 April 09 (4 of 17)

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