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24 July 2009

Next year, the Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra is starting something of a residency at the Barbican and other venues in East London. It'll happen for at least a couple of years in the run-up to the Olympics.

All I can say is that on 1 October, when tickets go on sale, you should rush out and get some because this is always a visit that's well worth seeing. Even if you're not the world's biggest jazz aficionado - and clearly I'm not - the passion, skill and above all, the music is unmissable.

I've seen Marsalis play at least twice before at the Barbican and once more at a Prom. There's always a theme to these concerts and this time around we heard lots of movements from a specially commissioned piece for Spain. As such, he had a guest in Chano Dominguez, the Spanish pianist. In one piece he and JLCO regular Dan Nimmer switched multiple times on piano duties - at one point "duelling".

It wouldn't be Marsalis without some Ellington, and we got a glorious solo from Joe Temperly playing a piece who's name I didn't catch (Rose?) "The Single Petal of a Rose" (thanks to the FT) on a glorious bass clarinet.

Another Brit in the orchestra is Elliot Mason and Marsalis insisted that his parents who were in the audience stand up and take a bow.

El PiraƱa came on for a couple of pieces at the end, playing percussion (basically a box) adding some more flamenco to the New Orleans jazz proceedings.

The evening ended in a standing ovation. I'll be getting my tickets for next year...

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