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John Barry

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It'll be for others to write proper obituaries, but I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful John Barry, who's death was announced this morning at 77.

From James Bond to The Persuaders, Born Free to Dances With Wolves, and The Ipcress File to the Midnight Cowboy, Barry's music was exceptional, and reached hundreds of millions. He'll forever be associated with James Bond, working on 11 of the films, but there was plenty more to his oeuvre. Anyone who's ever seen films like Midnight Cowboy or Born Free, will understand how important his score was to those films. And perhaps most successfully in latter years, the same is true of Kevin Costner's Dances With Wolves.

He won five Academy Awards and was made a Fellow of BAFTA. He wrote musicals, and had his work feature in the singles chart.

I can recommend Themology as a good introduction, and at just £3.99, you should jump at it. Although this version seems to have a couple of fewer tracks than mine does. Nonetheless, everyone should have some John Barry in their CD collection or on their iPod.

More at the BBC and Reuters.


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I must admit that I enjoyed taking the new BBC Radio 3 Musicality Test.

In a series of questions both written and based around audio, your musical knowledge is tested. Not in the sense of who composed what, or who was in which band, but whether you can determine melodies or tempo, as well as the importance of music in your life. A fun way to spend twenty minutes or so.

For the record, here are my results:

51% for Enthusiasm
69% for Musical Perception
34% for Emotional Connection
20% for Social Creativity (i.e. I don't play an instrument)
94% for Musical Curiosity (I do like an awful lot of different types of music. Thrash metal must be that last 6%)

And I was particularly good at detecting melodies.

A few other scores to be found here.

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