January, 2004

Top Up Fees

The other day I didn’t know for certain which way my MP, Joan Ryan, had voted over these fees. Well now I do. She was a teller for this vote. And why does she have this job? Because she’s a whip. So there’s no danger of my local MP ever going against Tony then is there. That’s representative politics for you.
Now I must admit that I had to away and look up what that meant, since for all I know, tellers are randomly appointed MPs. In fact when a division (or vote) is called for, each side has to put up a couple of tellers to count each side’s votes. These come from among the ranks of those supporting that side of the bill. Their votes aren’t counted, but since both the “ayes” and “noes” have two tellers, this balances out.
There are clerks as well who record who’s voted for which side, but it does seem all quite antiquated. But I’ll stop there, before I disappear off on a tangent talking about Millionaire style voting buttons and on-screen graphics to liven things up. In any case I suspect that it’s a very sociable way of doing things having two lobbies. Members can immediately see who’s voting for what – foes and allies.
Somewhere about I have a book that I bought a year or so ago that details many of the intricacies of the British parliamentary system, as I know that I should know more about how this democracy supposedly works.

Hello to my Work Colleagues!

Well, it seems that a larger than expected number of my co-workers are regular readers of this site. So can I just wish them all, a big “Hello”. I know that you have to put up with discovering what it is that I think about various films, books and other artistic merits, but I like to think that I’m right up there with Philip French in the list of who matters and who doesn’t.
Can I just point out as well, that these entries have dates and times affixed to them, so if I’m struggling with points of importance, you can see why.
Anyhow, onwards and upwards!


Frankly I’m shocked and disappointed in no small way that Greg Dyke has resigned from the DG of the BBC. It really is a tragic day when he feels he has to do this.
I totally support the BBC throughout this “affair” (and I use the term in the loosest possible manner). Frankly, the Hutton report is a shambles. Either he’s been “got at” or he simply doesn’t understand how things work.
I am utterly staggered at quite how much of the government’s case Hutton bought. Does he not really understand how David Kelly’s name came to be leaked. It was deliberate in a disgusting manner.
In my opinion, Hoon is DIRECTLY responsible for David Kelly’s death. No two ways. It’s down here in black and white.
Google will hopefully cache this page, and frankly it’ll be so forever more. I believe this to be FACT, and it’s going to take a lot to get me to change tacks.
As it stands, I cannot see myself voting Labour anytime soon. Frankly the “Socialist” party have disgusted me in recent months and years. We went to war without foundation (and, hey, if we’re in the regular business of toppling dictators, then let’s look at Zimbabwe shall we?).
I am appalled by this whole affair, and belive me, more is to come.