Tag: Super 8

  • Cycling in the City

    Cycling in the City from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. Here’s a short film I shot with my Super 8 camera about four years ago that somehow hadn’t previously seen the light of day. The film was basically shot on my commute to work along the cycle paths of Bloomsbury and around Tavistock Square. Unfortunately, I…

  • Paris 2011

    Paris 2011 – Super 8 Footage from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. I’ve been digging through some old files on my hard disk and found some Super 8 footage I shot nearly five years ago on a day trip to Paris. So I’ve edited it a bit and added the inevitable Yé Yé Girl soundtrack.

  • Woods

    Woods from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. This video is a little different. It’s an analogue affair in a digital environment. What you have is a black and white Super 8 film (Kodak Tri-X) with a Korg Monotron-Delay soundtrack that has been multi-tracked. As I say, it’s a little “experimental” for me.