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Pete Mitchell

It was with great sadness that we learned earlier last month that the radio presenter Pete Mitchell had died at just 61. Pete was a...

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Making the Most of Life Under Lockdown

Well it’s been just over two weeks for me now living in a lockdown state of mind. It might not officially have been that long, but...

Internet, Technology

Apple and Dark Sky

Yesterday came news that Apple has bought the company who...

Photography, Video

Wester Ross

In what now seems like an age ago, although it was actually...


Attaching a Peak Design Strap to a Sony RX100

I made the above video because I had been struggling to...

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Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener

I knew that I wanted to read this book almost as soon as I heard about it. There were at least three podcasts featuring Wiener in my queue,...


Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

Good Omens is one of those books that has somehow slipped...


Silver by Chris Hammer

Having just read and loved Scrublands, I was delighted to...


Ayoade On Top by Richard Ayoade

The premise of this book is so ridiculous that I wouldn’t...

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Photography, Video

Wester Ross

In what now seems like an age ago, although it was actually just a couple of weeks ago, I spent the week in Wester Ross, a part of the...


Winter Sun

A few more from this series on Flickr....

Photography, Video

Experiments with Acrylic Ink and Water

The other day I was drinking a cup of tea in one of those...


View From Waterloo Bridge

Taken just after sunset yesterday. A ten-second exposure,...

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