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Edison Podcast Metrics UK

This week I’ve been at the London Podcast Show 2023, and I’ll write more about that in another entry. But one of the big...

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RAJAR Q1 2023

This post is brought to you in association with RALF from DP Software and Services. I’ve used RALF for the many years, and...


Netflix and Live Streaming

Over the past couple of months, Netflix has dipped its foot...

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Ofcom Podcast Survey 2023

Ofcom has just published its latest Audio and Podcasts...


Gravel Rides Around London #1: Cambridge to London

93.2 KM (57.8 Miles) | 953 Metres (3,127 Feet) This is the...

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Book Pricing

I should state up front that I have no interest in reading Spare the new book from Prince Harry which has perturbed much of the UK press so...


Mostly, But Not Entirely, Icelandic Christmas Reading

Around this time of year I always have good intentions to...


The Romantic by William Boyd

William Boyd is the contemporary master of the ‘whole...


Authenticity by Alice Sherwood

As with all non-fiction books, there is a subtitle –...

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Trent Park in the Snow

It properly snowed in London last night for the first time in a few years, so I went out in the pre-dawn snow on my E-MTB and my drone to...


Partial Solar Eclipse

There was a partial solar eclipse visible from the UK...


A New Footpath

At the weekend I ran into a friend who had been out on his...

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Upping Your WFH Video Game

This piece by Alex Cranz at The Verge really struck a chord...

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