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Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2021

Thanks to someone on the UK Audionetwork email group for alerting me to this data that Ofcom has recently published in tabular form on its...

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Who Pays For the Super League?

Unless you’ve been asleep, you will know that, at time of writing, 12 named football clubs have agreed to join something called the...

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YouTube Music and Missing Songs

This weekend Promising Young Woman finally arrived in the...


Social Audio – It’s Only So “Social” Right Now

For the last couple of months anyone in the audio space has...


Pimoroni Keybow Zoom Controller

Pimoroni makes a wonderful little package called the Keybow...

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The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox

The Absolute Book is a complex and sprawling fantasy novel of a very unusual sort. And it’s all the better for being so. To try to...


How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates

A year or so ago I read The Uninhabitable Earth by David...


Earthlings by Sayaka Murata

Having previously read and enjoyed Convenience Store Woman,...


Where Ravens Roost by Karin Nordin

I love a good Scandi-noir, and this doesn’t disappoint...

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Teston: Mist and Flooding

Various parts of southern England have experienced significant rainfall over the last few days, and along the Medway, the river had burst...


The Great Conjunction

The above was what I managed to get earlier this evening...


Comet NEOWISE: Part 3

After a week of mostly cloudy weather, Friday night looked...


Comet NEOWISE: Part 2

Following my previous attempts at photographing Comet...

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