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TV Logos Viewers Don’t Understand

Far be it for me to suggest that some elements of TV production deliberately obfuscate information, but here are three things that appear...

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Olympics, Sport

When Should Athletes Get The Vaccine?

Note: This piece expands a little on a Twitter thread that I published earlier today. Today it was reported that the UAE Team Emirates...

Radio Times

New Year’s Day TV 2021 – Radio Times

As we depart 2020, and reach the final pages of our double...


Making the Most of 2020

This post is a bit unusual, since it’s very much...

Audio, Podcasts

Broadening My Listening in 2021

In other words, not listening to any more celebrity...

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Out of Time by David Klass

The Green Man is out there, committing crimes across the US in support of the environment. Tom Smith is a junior FBI analyst – can he...


The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist by Adrian Tomine

I bought this book off the back of an entertaining...


Just Like the Other Girls by Claire Douglas

This is a twisty little tale where you’re never quite...


The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Richard Osman’s first novel is as delightful as it is...

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Photography, Video

Teston: Mist and Flooding

Various parts of southern England have experienced significant rainfall over the last few days, and along the Medway, the river had burst...


The Great Conjunction

The above was what I managed to get earlier this evening...


Comet NEOWISE: Part 3

After a week of mostly cloudy weather, Friday night looked...


Comet NEOWISE: Part 2

Following my previous attempts at photographing Comet...

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