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  • RAJAR Q1 2024

    This post is brought to you in association with RALF from DP Software and Services. I’ve used RALF for the many years, and it’s my favourite RAJAR analysis tool. So I am delighted that I continue to be able to bring you this RAJAR analysis in association with RALF. For more details on the product, contact Deryck Pritchard via…

    RAJAR Q1 2024
  • Aurora Borealis – Video

    Aurora Borealis – Video

    During the excitement on Friday (and early Saturday), I shot a few minutes of video footage which I’ve embedded above. This video has been sped up about 4x speed to show the lighting effects better off.

  • Aurora Borealis

    Aurora Borealis

    Today there was a massive geomagnetic storm that hit the earth, causing a solar storm across much of the northern hemisphere. In turn, this meant that the aurora borealis, was suddenly much more likely to become visible even as far south as London. I live on the northern edge of London, so headed off with…

  • TCS London Marathon 2024

    TCS London Marathon 2024

    On Sunday, I completed the 2024 TCS London Marathon, in a time of 3:47:59. It was both exhilarating and exhausting. As long-time readers of this blog may know, I started running – or more accurately re-started – during lockdown. In particular, I began with Couch to 5K, the app developed by the BBC and the…

  • Ofcom Podcast Survey 2024

    Ofcom Podcast Survey 2024

    Once again, Ofcom has published its survey data for both its Podcast and Audio surveys. This year, Ofcom has published a report based on both sets of data, and it’s well worth a read through. But, as with previous releases, I’m going to dig into the 2024 podcast data in particular. 2023 Ofcom Podcast Survey…

  • Death of the Local Bike Shop

    Death of the Local Bike Shop

    Last week I walked by the branch of Evans Cycles, just around the corner from where I work. It had a sign in the window indicating that it would be closing down in May 2024. The LBS – or Local Bike Shop – is in trouble. Indeed, the entire bike industry is going through something…

  • Two Recent “Seriously” Podcast Episodes

    Two Recent “Seriously” Podcast Episodes

    The Seriously podcast feed from BBC Radio 4 is always worth subscribing to, and I particularly enjoyed a couple of recent episodes. Dehumidified starts with a seemingly small-scale scam selling fairly useless dehumidifiers to the unwary. Producer Polly Weston does a quick Google to help inform her about which dehumidifier she should get to help…

  • Radio on the TV

    Radio on the TV

    Today comes news that Bauer is winding down the availability of its radio services on Freeview. This follows their previous departure from satellite and cable. So services like Absolute Radio, Kiss, Magic and Greatest Hits Radio will no longer be available on TV platforms – at least without using some kind of smart TV app…

  • Edison Podcast Metrics UK – Top 25 Q4 2023

    Edison Podcast Metrics UK – Top 25 Q4 2023

    Edison Research is back with some new updated podcast listening metrics for Q4 2023. This is the third release in the series following Q2 2023 and Q3 2023 releases. Here’s the latest data: But to make comparisons a bit easier, here’s a table logging shows over the three releases to date: Things to note: Edison…

  • Apple’s Sports App

    Apple’s Sports App

    This week Apple launched a new app entirely devoted to sport. Apple Sports is initially available in the US, Canada and UK, and has a relatively small list of features. You basically pick which leagues you’re interested in, and which teams within those leagues you follow, and it’ll happily provide you with things like line-ups,…

  • Sports Numberwang

    I’m really only posting this, because I spent a bit too much time putting together a Thread of a response to a clickbait-y post about the major sporting events’ viewerships. I really shouldn’t rise to the bait, but… The Threads algorithm threw up this post. (A reminder that “Verified” just means someone who is willing…

  • Peak TV vs Peak TV

    Peak TV vs Peak TV

    If you Google “Peak TV”, the first search result is a Wikipedia article called “Golden Age of Television (2000s-present)” It reflects an era that started a little earlier with series like HBO’s The Wire and NBC’s The West Wing, but obviously carried on through the early 2000s, and broadly speaking, continues to this day. The…

  • Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold

    Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold

    I am a complete sucker for climbing films, documentaries and series. I’ve never actually done any climbing. Most of my walks in the mountains have been exactly that – walks. I’ve watched docs like Touching the Void and The Alpinist, and seen dramas such as The Eiger Sanction and of course, Cliffhanger. I’ve also seen…

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