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Brazil win the World Cup

Well they deserved to. They played the most impressive football of the tournament, and beat the stronger teams. Germany had way too easy a ride through to the final.
I do have a couple of problems with the World Cup at the moment (sorry Fifa World Cup):
1) The winners do not automatically qualify next time around to defend their trophy. (Whereas the defeated finalists Germany will definitely be there as hosts). This is done to open up the competition to more teams, but if you don’t have the chance to beat the holders, then there’s something wrong. And the fact that the winners don’t play as much competitive football is something of a handicap for them.
2) In this year’s tournament, Turkey played Brazil twice before the final. That can’t be right. If you play a team once – you should only get to meet them again if you get to the final. The draw can be organised that way, and it should.