Homicide: Life on the Street

Yes! I can hardly wait. How sad is all this?
Tomorrow, Telewest Digital gets a new channel – the Hallmark Channel. And why am I so excited about this trivial development? Because they show Homicide on Hallmark weeknights at 10.00pm (and Hamish MacBeth).
Obviously they have junk like Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman filling up large chunks of their airtime, but any channel that shows Homicide deserves maximum respect.
I came to Homicide very late on Channel 4 – it was slowly being shunted later and later into the evening despite being easily the best contemporary crime series. Channel 4 were keener on NYPD Blue (which of course has also now fallen out of flavour, and despite still being in production is shown nowhere in the UK as far as I know).
We got a brief bit of Homicide a week ago when Channel 5 showed a double bill of Law & Order followed by the conclusion on Homicide. Sadly a one-off – but well done for showing it. Just whetted my appetite!