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Dead Air

I’m a bit of an Iain Banks fan, although strangely, I’ve never read any of his SF stuff. I say “strangely” because I don’t mind a few science fictions books here and there. Oh well – there’ll be plenty for me to read at some point.
Anyway, back to the present and Dead Air. I must admit that I don’t know how well or not this was reviewed since I never read reviews of books I’m absolutely certain to read myself. Perverse? Maybe. The way I see it is that nothing you can say to me is going to put me off, and I prefer not to have the plot spoilt in advance. I do read lots of book reviews, and The Guardian on Saturdays is now unmissable.
Hang on. Following that logic, you won’t read any of this if you’re going to read Dead Air! OK, it’s flawed thinking. Quite enjoyed Dead Air I must admit. Working in radio, it’s a little interesting to read about a character who works in the industry. Capital Live is supposed to be a sort-of Capital FM except it’s in Soho Square not Leicester Square (or Golden Square). And no major station in London has “shock jock” on during the daytime (or the evening really – it’s all “Confessions” these days).
That aside, it’s an entertaining read about someone getting into more and more trouble, without ever being really in terror. And the rants are great fun. From the heart I would say.