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David Blaine

I’m lucky that I work in London, since I have most things available to me – that includes books signings. David Blaine is in London to promote his new book, and I must admit that I do find books on magicians fascinating, particularly if they include some history and maybe a little bit of explanation. I heard an interview with him on Danny Baker yesterday morning, so thought I’d go along to Waterstones after work to and get a signed book.
Well I wasn’t the only one. The end of the queue was a long way off, and Waterstones staff were telling us that they couldn’t guarantee getting a signed book. Added to that, it was raining. Well I stayed, and eventually, after much queuing, and some joker with a megaphone who mucked around with the queue, I got my book signed. I reckon that most people in the queue were there specifically because it was David Blaine, but there was a guy behind me who evidently turned out for any celebrity signing at all, all for collecting purposes.
As for the book, well it certainly looks more interesting than the cover would suggest, but you’ll have to wait for my review!