New BBC Channels

Well the BBC have announced that BBC Three is launching on February 9 next year. I really do hope that they change tack a bit from the current BBC Choice. “Tack” is the right word. The quote from Stuart Murphy on the BBC News website story is encouraging, but we’ll have to wait and see. At the very least I hope they reduce the number of absurd DOGs sprinkled across the channel (“New” etc). And also the stupid attempts at keeping you watching by splashing text in the middle of the previous programme – something ITV1 have sadly started doing. And we really want fewer programmes about Jordan and her ilk.
One of the BBC’s mooted ideas is to show Eastenders a night early to encourage viewing. That will really do the programme no good at all. It’s an awful expression but “water-cooler moments” still exist for programmes like Eastenders, but if some people at work or school have seen the programme and others haven’t they’ll “dry up”. I think Channel 4 have seen this (although they won’t admit it) with programmes like The Sopranos, and even Friends and ER.
But so that I’m not completely negative, I am looking forward to Monkey Dust which is said to be from the “creators of Brass Eye and Blue Jam” which I take to mean Chris Morris.