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I think I’m on some kind of politics “kick” at the moment. I don’t know whether it’s because I watched three episodes of The West Wing at the weekend (catching up – and discovering that if I record the late night repeat on E4, I get it commercial free), just reading about IDS and the Conservatives digging themselves deeper and deeper into the mire (“unite or die”), or watching Journeys with George the other night (see previous entry).
Anyway, today is the day of the mid-terms in the States, and it looks very interesting and very tight. Early indications at the time of writing seem to make it too close to call, or according to Channel 4 news earlier, slightly in favour of the Republicans, but it seems that following the 2000 catastrophe, they’re all being a little slower making their predictions. Probably as well. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the Democrats can stop the Republicans taking control of the senate.
In the meantime, I’m really happy that today I got tickets to the London Film Festival screening of Bowling for Columbine this Sunday. With any luck Michael Moore should be there to introduce it.