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Streaming Video

Don’t you just hate it? I got broadband a couple of months ago or so to iron out these kind of difficulties, but you just know that streaming never works fully.
Case in point. At midnight last night (or early this morning UK time, depending on how you look at it), a good friend of mine got married, in Las Vegas, and the ceremony was streamed. A day before the wedding I can get neither the Real nor Windows Media streams to work. Half an hour before the service – now at home – I get it working. I get two full weddings with no problem before Max’s is due to start. Then the problems begin. We get a short way into it, and buffering starts. OK, I’ll live with that. Then it gets worse and digs into a loop. I end up having to reboot the computer. Meantime the Real version fails as well. Added to that, I am trying to save the pictures, and when a software solution fails, I settle on pointing a video camera at my monitor. This works to a point – if you’re happy with sub-security camera quality. But I’ve now missed most of the vows, and the ever so tender “Viva Las Vegas” big number at the end with showgirls and everything.
At some point the whole thing will be archived on their website, but even the archived versions stream rather than download (why?), and are rubbish quality.
And the big studios think I’ll pay to watch movies over the internet this way???