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Terrorist Attack in the UK “Inevitable”

Tony Blair has been facing the Commons Liaison Committee this morning, and is quoted as saying that it was “inevitable” that Al-Qaeda would attack Britain at some point.
I don’t doubt that to be honest. But we can help ourselves by not blithely following Bush into a pointless war that’s certain to create more problems than it solves, notwithstanding the inevitable “collateral damage” that’ll be done (i.e. innocent women and children being slaughtered).
Too often Iraq and Al-Qaeda are quoted in the same arena. They’re seperate issues.
It’s the poor asylum seekers that I feel really sorry for at the moment. The recent raids in Manchester (that saw the murder of a policeman) and Wood Green, talked a lot about the fact that they were Algerian asylum seekers. How embattled must Algerian nationals living in Britain feel at the moment?