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Celebrity Nonsense

OK – so last it was The Brits. Somehow, these are still painted as a creditable awards ceremony, even though they’ve patently been nonsense since the 1989 Samantha Fox/Mick Fleetwood fiasco.
Somehow, for a brief moment, I always find myself watching some of it. It’s a bit like caring what The Sun has on its front page – you don’t, but you’re still interested.
The awards are spurious, awarded in the main by the record industry to themselves, and the presentation this year was woeful, with no obvious stage, and a poor machine layout.
But that’s only part of the problem. This mornings trash press had copious copy generated from the non-affair (not broadcast live in case those mad rockers swear. What’s the chance of Will Young doing that?).
It’s the whole celebrity thing – personified by Heat magazine (no website because it’s owned by EMAP, and they’re crap at things like that – probably worried that they’ll give away all their “content”). This is a magazine that was so close to being put out of its misery, but sadly we’re stuck with. There’s a whole range similar products that are devoured far too much.
Now BBC Three has brought Celebdaq to us. They’ve been running Liquid News for ages, having morphed it from Midnight Thirty on BBC News 24. A slightly cynical look at the day’s celebrity “news”, it has spawned a whole channel’s worth of nonsense. And I guess that Celebdaq is the lowpoint. I have no objection to a celebrity newsprint coverage index based game per se, I just don’t see why the BBC are doing it.
There’s always been a celebrity obsessed lifestyle, but now it seems to be to detriment of all else.
At least BBC Four had a programme on Art Theft last night that was worth watching.