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War In Iraq

Things are getting serious now.
France, Germany and Russia are dead against the war, and Nato is teetering with France, Germany and Belgium blocking the use of bases in Turkey for attacking Iraq.
Meantime, papers like The Evening Standard, The Sun and the Daily Mail accuse France of betrayal since the US helped free France twice in the last century. Surely the worst and cheapest argument that can be made. We are talking about an unprovoked attack on another country after all; a country which has not attacked either the US or Britain.
The Stop the War March on Saturday now looks like being one of the biggest marches seen in years. I’m just trying to work out how I can go on the march and see the big Man Utd v Arsenal match which kicks off at 12.15. The rally in Hyde Park ends at 5.30, so we should be able to make that.
And should I be cynical about the terrorist threat that is currently causing major disruption on transport in London (several major stations closed for a while this evening) and airports – particularly Heathrow which has tanks around it! Maybe there really was going to some kind of attack, but can such a response really be necessary? I wouldn’t wish an attack on anyone, but I feel there’s more to it than that.