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Guantanamo Bay

As we learn that the Americans have caputered Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi deputy prime minister, we must begin to wonder where in the world he’s likely to be held.
And Guantanamo Bay seems the likeliest destination. The front page of this morning’s Guardian carries a report that the Americans are shamefully holding children they captured in Afghanistan.
Of course we’re talking about a nation that executes children, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised. Prisoners are being held with no rights, not being considered either criminals within US jurisdiction (and hence being charged and given access to lawyers), or being prisoners of war. These people come from a number of nations throughout the world, but there they are in the US bit of Cuba.
Meantime, what is Castro up to all of a sudden? Just when he could be winning more popularity around the world, he suddenly launches a crackdown on dissenters.
You always have to keep an eye out about what’s going on in the rest of the world when war is afoot. Zimbabwe has also launched a series of vicious attacks on the opposition, with Mugabe’s henchmen seemingly going about their business in a big way (would link to an Independent article, but it seems to cost money).