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Music Collector

I’ve just returned to a program that I first got interested in a couple of years ago – Music Collector. The idea is that it keeps a database of all my CD music (and indeed any other music that I have). The really clever part is that it can batch scan CD TOCs and then query them with a CDDB database to fill out all the album and track details.
Of course this is still quite a big job. So far I’ve scanned over 300 discs, but I have probably twice as many to go (I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of music over the years).
But doing this is very therapeutic, since there is so much music that I never listen to. There is also the fact that I find I have music that I’d forgotten buying. Indeed there are a handful of duplicate albums in total.
The one thing I’d like to do with the data when it’s complete is to host it on this site somehow and allow it to be searched using PHP and MySQL. I’ve hunted their forum, and although others are interested in doing it, no-one seems to have done so yet. I have to battle with the exports that the program allows, and it seems I’m going to have to learn some of the finer points of XML, as well as PHP and MySQL. Could be quite uphill.
In the meantime, let’s continue scanning.