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Government Screws Us Again

The ID Card fiasco continues with the Government claiming that all the responses sent via Stand were considered to be one response.
See here and here.
Here is my own response to my MP.
Dear Ms Joan Ryan,
I’m enormously disappointed to learn that feedback that I gave in my own capacity to the Home Office in regard to ID Cards (or in the government’s parlance “Entitlement Cards”) has been lumped in together with several thousand other respondents who were similarly opposed to the scheme, simply because we all used the Stand website (www.stand.org.uk).
On April 28, Beverly Hughes, responding to a parliamentary question from Paul Marsden MP about ID cards spoke of 2,000 responses from organisations and individuals. Since the Stand website reported that it was used to submit 5,029 responses, something doesn’t add up. Evidently, the 5,029 responses count as one “organisation’s” response and not 5,029 individual responses.
This is appalling. The fact that I responded through a medium such as the very website I’m using at the moment, instead of traditional postal methods does not mean that my response should be effectively discarded.
We constantly hear that the government is trying to galvanise the population into taking a greater interest in politics and elections, and to appreciate that politicians should not be held in the low esteem they currently are. So summarily dismissing the responses of so many, because it doesn’t coincide with government policy would hardly be positive step.
I hope you will take this matter up with your colleague in the Home Office.
Yours sincerely,
Adam Bowie