Oh The Irony

I’m happily asleep this morning when the phone rings. I look at the clock and see that it’s 7.34, which means I’m late. Who’s phoning me at 7.34? Alex from the Danny Baker Show that’s who. I’m suddenly aware that my radio is set to Radio 3 since that’s what I put it on to drift off to sleep last night.
In any case, Bob Mills is filling in this week. A great feature yesterday about people who’d walked home the furthest when they’d been out on the town in the West End, spent all their cash, and had no money to get home to some of the further outlying areas of London. There was a guy who walked from Leicester Square to Dagenham, and someone else who walked from Victoria to Biggin Hill. Walking home from the West End is the one possibility I’ve never considered. My least advised walk was from Cuffley Station to Gordon Hill one night (it took about two hours).
But I digress. Danny recently opened membership to the Copper Club, and I felt the need to join. My number is the not especially low 607. Low numbers are good in spurious organisations. For some reason they needed my home address to register me – hence the phone call. Of course they could have emailed, but the phone call at least meant that I wasn’t too late for work.
Incidentally, the Copper Club should in no way be confused with the Platinum Club.