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Dude Where’s My Country


Well our recent school trip to Milan afforded me the chance to buy the airport paperback version of Michael Moore’s latest – Dude Where’s My Country.
Never the toughest read – but that’s why he sold so many of the last book – it does what it says on the jacket in an efficient manner.
I suppose I’m a little disappointed that there’s not more. Somehow I feel that his forthcoming film, Farehenheit 9/11 will cover some of the detail a lot more effectively, but maybe it’s because I agree with it all too easily.
This book very much focuses on America, and that’s definitely his strong suit. I felt before that his coverage of other countries, in particular the Irish problem, was a tad simplistic to put it mildly. Mind you, he’s visited Northern Ireland now (something I’ve never done) and is likelier to have a more balenced view. On the other hand his Middle East bit is again a tad over-simplified.
But you just can’t knock the guy, as he’s just trying to shake the whole damn country out a political hangover that somehow left George W Bush as the singlemost powerful man on the planet – a scary thought for anyone. Anything we can do to fight this apathy is good by me.
I guess that I was a little disappointed that by the time I got just over page 200 the book was over, and I was left with (plenty of) footnotes. But short and to the point isn’t a bad thing.